Case Study: National eLearning Company

An educational institute offering vocational certificates wanted to expand its online presence in the US.

6 Month Organic Traffic Data from Google Analytics
First Page Placement for Multiple Keywords on Google (national)
Overall Search Viability Reported by Search Metrics (an industry leader)


Increase traffic and conversions to the website via Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Conduct extensive keyword research to eliminate non-converting keywords and implement an effective content marketing strategy.


After a 6 month SEO campaign, organic traffic increased by 85%, new visitors increased by 91% and goal conversions increased by 70% (image A). Rankings improved across the board with multiple Google page 1 positions (image B).  Data was compared to the previous 6 months. According to data compiled by Search Metrics, the overall visibility of the client's website increased steadily over a 6 month period (image C).

All the client's personal information such as website and company name have been kept confidential (under no circumstances do we share our client's personal information with the public).

85% More Organic Visitors

70% More Conversions

Multiple Page 1 Rankings