Case Study: Local NYC Business

A local business in New York City operating in a competitive niche wanted to attract more customers from all the five boroughs.

6 Month Organic Traffic Data from Google Analytics
First Page Placement for Multiple Keywords on Google (local)


Increase traffic and search visibility in all the locales/boroughs of New York City via Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


A multi-city SEO strategy had to be employed so as to increase visibility in all the five boroughs that the client was serving (encompassing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx).


After a 6 month SEO campaign, organic traffic increased by 9%, total Pageviews increased by 41% and average Session Duration of visitors increased by a whopping 56% (image A). Rankings improved across the board with multiple Google page 1 positions in all the target locales (image B).  Data was compared to the previous 6 months.

All the client's personal information such as website and company name have been kept confidential (under no circumstances do we share our client's personal information with the public).

9% More Organic Visitors

41% More Pageviews

Multiple Page 1 Rankings

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