Social Media Marketing

"80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through social media platforms"

- Business2Community

Social Media has become an integral part of a company's on-line presence and overall brand identity. Social media platforms provide an unprecedented way for companies to directly engage with their target audience. The truth is in the numbers:

Facebook - Over 1.2 Billion Registered Users
Google+ - Over 343 Million Registered Users
LinkedIn - Over 300 Million Registered Users
Twitter - Over 255 Million Registered Users

These are all active users that could be converted into brand evangelists. If leveraged correctly, social media channels can be used to properly and regularly communicate product and services to a very defined and laser focused target group or demographic. No matter what industry your company operates in, social media is a great way to stay constantly engaged with your customers and ensure that their feedback (positive or negative) is being heard. 

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