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5 Quick Ways to Boost Conversions on Your Chiropractic Website

Let’s face it. If your chiropractic website is not converting visitors into new patients, it has failed its primary job (which is to convert!). In this tutorial, I will show you 5 ways to boost your website conversions, so you can get more new patient sign ups.

1. Increase Website Load Speed

slow loading chiropractic website

I bring this up every time anyone speaks of websites or conversions. The number one problem with almost all websites is that they load very slowly. And by slow, I mean anything more than 5 seconds. Even Google has made this a requirement in how they rank websites. So unless you’re Amazon or Facebook who serve millions of visitors each hour, your chiropractic website has no excuse not to load fast in under 5 seconds.

You can accomplish this by making sure you have (a) a great cache plugin on your site if it’s based on WordPress. I would recommend W3 (b) all your images are super optimized and not bloated and (c) you have a professional host. Go Daddy, Bluehost and Host Gator do not count as professional hosts. I would recommend WPX as the best WordPress host out in the market today. They also offer free email and CDN with all their packages. You typically have to pay extra for these two services, so keep that in mind.

2. Have A Crystal Clear CTA (Call to Action)

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Once a visitor is on your site, make sure you direct them on a particular action. Do you want them to call your business or sign up for an appointment? Make sure to emphasis this very clearly on your website either with a pop up or large horizotal bar at the top of your site.

Modern websites have a lot going on, so it’s more important than ever to have a clear CTA on the website. A lot of chiropractors offer a free consultation or examination, so make sure to clearly advertize this on your homepage (or every page) if you offer one. Almost everyone is a bargain hunter these days, so if you have an offer, make sure to advertise it immediately on the website.

3. List All the Conditions You Treat

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Nothing helps conversions more than directly calling out to your prospect or visitor. If they have a problem with their lower back and your website has a page all about low back pain, guess what? That visitor is closer to the conversion funnel.

It doesn’t hurt to have a detailed page about every possible ailment your chiropractic treatment can help. Some of our chiropractors have 10-15 conditions listed on their website such as lower back pain, shoulder pain and sports injuries to name a few. This helps connect the pain point of your visitor with your specific practice. Nothing converts visitors more than a personalized website or service that speaks out to them.

4. Reviews and Testimonials

customer testimonials for chiropractors

Showcasing reviews are critical to almost any business. And I don’t mean showing generic looking reviews that anyone could have written. Take pictures of your Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews and post them on your website. These look authentic and real. People have become very skeptical about things on the internet, so you have to go one step further and build trust with your visitor.

If your website is built on WordPress, there are a number of plugin that will automatically pull reviews from your Facebook, Yelp and Google account. These look authentic and are quite eye catching.

5. Take Appointments Online

online appointments for chiropractors

Make life easier for your visitors and allow them to book appointments right on your website. Thanks to the internet, people have become more lazy than ever. Don’t expect every visitor to pick up the phone and call your chiropractic business or fill out a form to get a call back from your front desk. Go ahead and create a booking page with time slots. This way visitors can book an appointment or consultation right away.

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