7 Ways to Use Google Alerts to Automate Your Marketing

Google does much more than just search and Gmail. They have a variety of tools to help out small business owners, and one of the most useful is Google Alerts. We’ll explain how to use Google Alerts to keep an eye on your chiropractic business, your reputation, your reviews, news in your area, and what your competitors are up to.

Google Alerts is a service that continually monitors the web for any search terms and keywords that you specify. When those search terms occur, Google Alerts sends you an email with links to where those terms are appearing online. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly powerful tool.


Getting started with Google Alerts

Getting started is simple; just sign in to your Google account and visit https://www.google.com/alerts. From there, you just need to input your search terms in the top box. Once you’ve done that, you can select how often you want to receive alerts, and whether you just want to see the best results, or every mention that Google finds.

The basics

You can use Google Alerts to search for just about anything related to chiropractic news, businesses, techniques or more. For example, if you wanted to keep up with news in the field, you could enter [Chiropractor breaking news]. If you’re a chiropractor in Chicago and want to see what’s happening in your area, you’d just enter [Chiropractor Chicago].


What can you use Google Alerts for?

1. Keep up with the latest trends

Find out about the latest in chiropractic treatments by getting alerts on relevant terms to do with chiropractic medicine, manipulation, discoveries, and treatments.

2. Find out what’s happening with other chiropractic businesses in your area

You can track your competitors by using their business name as a search term in Google Alerts. Every time their business is mentioned, you’ll find out.

3. Track your online reputation and mentions

One of the most practical uses for Google Alerts is to track how your own business is being treated online. Just enter your business name, and every time you’re referenced, you’ll know.

4. Look for potential clients

You can enter terms like [Back pain] or [fitness] and your local area to see if there are any trends happening in and around your locality.

5. Look for related businesses

If you search for other businesses like massage therapists or spas, you might be able to setup a business partnership with them. If they’re new to the area, they might be happy to refer people that need chiropractic treatment, and you can return the favor.

6. Building your authority

A great way to build your reputation is to answer other people’s questions. You can setup Google alerts for when people post questions about chiropractic online. You can then share your knowledge and get more visibility for your business.

7. Becoming a Google Alerts power user

Google Alerts lets you set up special types of search that can make it easier to understand online changes. Some of these searches include:

  • Surrounding a term like “modern chiropractic technique” in quotes to see only search terms including those words in that order.
  • Using # to search for hashtags on social media. e.g. #chiropractic.
  • Using the – operator to exclude words from search results. e.g. chiropractic techniques -osteopath.
  • Using the + operator before two or more words to find search results containing those words. e.g. +chiropractor +training.
  • Using the term site: before a specific website address (e.g. yours or a competitors) to find search terms related to that website. e.g. when new pages are added.
  • Using the term related: before a specific website address to see other websites similar to it. e.g. to see other chiropractor websites similar to yours.
  • Using OR between words to find search terms with one keyword or the other. e.g. chiropractor OR chiropractic books.


If you don’t have the time, ChiroScout can help

Of course, you’re probably busy running your chiropractic business, and you don’t have time to monitor Google Alerts every day. That’s why we’re here. As a full-service digital marketing agency especially for chiropractors, we can do all of this on your behalf.

We’ll monitor your website, your reputation, your competitors, and your content and let you know if there’s anything you need to know about. We’re here for your peace of mind, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Getting new patients and providing high-quality chiropractic treatment.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you.



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